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Lockdown Birthday ideas for Kids

Nothing says ‘I care about you’ better than a personalized message written inside a carefully and beautifully designed Birthday Card. I wrote mine for my little one on his second birthday. As soon as we finished designing this beautiful bundle of birthday cards for kids, I knew I wanted my kid to be the first recipient of the cards. So I saved two cards for him, one from Mommy and another one from Daddy, before launching it out in the market.

 Children's Birthday Cards

I did not picture a lockdown Birthday for him. We had a grand Birthday celebration in a nice Hotel on our minds, with our friends and family, and all the kids running around, dancing, playing, and having fun. Since that wasn’t a possibility, and we still wanted to make it special for him, (yes, we got him lots of gifts), but what made his Birthday special was that we wrote our messages on these two cards which are close to our hearts, and stored them safely as time capsules that we can show him in later a year when he is all grown up and a lot taller than me like his Daddy.  

Blank Cards

These two cards- the Giraffe in a cup card and the Elephant card are the cutest cards I have ever seen in my life, and I am not just saying it because we created themJ. They truly are the cutest cards you can find for kids.

And here’s a picture of the cake I baked for him. Not bad for a third attempt at cake decoration. I started a tradition of baking cakes for my bundle of joy on his first Birthday. A cake baked with love definitely does a lot better job at creating memories than a store bought one.

 Home baked cake

So here are some ideas of what you can do to make a lockdown birthday special for kids:

(For your son/daughter/nephew/niece/grandson/granddaughter)


#1 Write a personalized message inside a blank Birthday card

This could touch the heart of the recipient and make them save the card forever. When years pass by and they sit down to look back at the cards they received years ago, they are going to remember you, and would want to reach out to you, filled with love and excitement.


#2 Bake a cake for them and decorate it

Yes, I know. Baking a cake is not for everyone. But if you can attempt it, even if it’s not perfect, it’s going to make them feel special. Use blue and grey colors for boys and pinks, whites & purples for girls. Buy some cake toppers off Amazon- some safari animals, unicorns, footballs, etc.. You can find all sorts on Amazon. Choose the one that interests your kid.


#3 Use a lot of Birthday decorations

Don’t be scared to use blues and pinks. They never become cliché and work best in creating the excitement amongst kids. Choose a Birthday banner. This is what I used:

Lockdown Birthday

Again, bought this one off Amazon. Buy one that you like, set the Birthday mood, let the excitement begin. Blow some balloons, and either throw a lot of them on the floor around, or fill them up with helium, and let me stick to the ceiling.


#4 Cook something that’s easy and that your child would love

I saw this recipe of pizza pinwheels on pinterest by a blogger and thought it would be interesting for my kid, and he loved it. Here’s the link to the actual blog- . And no, I am not getting paid for mentioning it; I just liked the recipe and it turned out nice.


#5 Create a collage of some cute photos of the kid and get it printed and framed

If you don’t have time to bake, cook and decorate, a collage might be a good idea. You can either buy a collage photo frame from Next, Dunelm, or John Lewis, and find some good captures and collate them. A multi frame like this one from John Lewis should be helpful:

 Lockdown Birthday


 #6 The pool party

If it is a sunny day, you can buy an inflatable pool and fill it with water and spread some balloons around it in your garden and let your child have fun. If you are in a partial lockdown, and can get one family to your garden, it can be a great birthday celebration for your kid, as kids love water and they wouldn’t enjoy anything more than have water plays with their friends and/or siblings.


#7 Set up a zoom party

You can plan this ahead and invite your kid’s friends for a zoom party. Plan some virtual games and activities, and get all the kids involved.


#8 Fancy dress party at home

Get into some costumes of your child’s favourite TV characters and act and talk like those characters all day. Their favourite TV characters coming live in their own home would be an exciting birthday to remember for your kid.


#9 Birthday picnic

Now that upto 6 people are allowed to gather outdoors, you can grab some food from a favourite bakery, gather your kid’s closest friends in a park, carry photo props, Birthday Banners, & balloons with you and make it a fun and memorable Birthday party. These would be some photos that could bring smiles for years to come. J


#10 Build or buy a Teepee and make it magical with string lights

Get the kid excited with a new Teepee where he can play, eat his birthday cake, read a book and even fall asleep. Make it exciting with birthday decorations and lots of string lights.

 Being in lockdown does not mean that the Birthdays have to be dull and boring. This is a great opportunity to spend time with our family, and to make Birthdays memorable. Make the most of it!

 -Blog post by Sonam 

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